FUTBOLSHOTZ 4-Pack Youth Soccer Coaching Kit Spring Spectacular!

FUTBOLSHOTZ 4-Pack Youth Soccer Coaching Kit Spring Spectacular!

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Your "soccer coaching kit in a bag."

Matt Wohlfarth was a comedian and screenwriter and soccer dad trying his best to coach his kids in the intricacies of the beautiful game. He knew that repetition was the key to success and learning technique and fundamentals in comedy and soccer.

He saw that when his kids were shooting on the goal they spent more time chasing wayward shots into the woods than shooting.  

Most people saw a baseball backstop and fences and Matt saw the idea for FUTBOLSHOTZ. This idea stayed in his head for 12 years. Ideas like jokes and movie ideas stay in your mind and bug you until you create them.

The FUTBOLSHOTZ 4-Pack provides parents and coaches with a set of four targets that can be used in the backyard or on the soccer field to help children improve their aim and become more adept athletes. They'll learn to shoot accurately and confidently from a variety of field positions.

FUTBOLSHOTZ is simple in construction yet innovative in its approach and is designed to help youth soccer coaches and parents alike help their children significantly improve their shooting accuracy.

Each FUTBOLSHOTZ 4-Pack comes with four targets and an attractive bag for carrying and storing them.


FUTBOLSHOTZ are made of Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), a material that maintains the characteristics of both rubber and plastic. TPR material is a form of synthetic rubber, which means that it melts into a liquid when heated and becomes solid when cooled.

What customers are saying:

"My son loved FUTBOLSHOTZ!  We played for forty minutes and I had to stop because I was tired. A great soccer training tool and great bonding time with my son.  My wife is playing with him today!"

RIck N., soccer dad

"My younger players, age 9-11, love getting to training early now to go practice their striking of the ball and or passing.  The FUTBOLSHOTZ targets serve as motivation for the kids to work on their accuracy.  Having them practice in groups has become a competition to see who can hit all 4 first and it is fun to see the excitement."

Adam Hunter, Coach, Steel Town Magic Football Club

"Futbolshotz are going to help me score more goals.They are great at helping with my corner kicks." 

Pat Bove-(Son)-Soccer Player-Mesa College